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Welcome to Love's Healing Touch Baths and Day Spa

Our Spa is designed for rest and relaxation in a welcoming and communal setting. Stop in and enjoy a long Soak in our Solar-heated hot tub and a cleansing sweat in an authentic Finish cedar sauna. Cool off with a dip in our cold plunge and rest in our beautiful garden courtyard. 

We were inspired by the many cultures which have long traditions of communal bathing: Japanese Onsens, Russian Banyas, Scandinavian saunas, as well as our local hot spring resorts. We have incorporated the spirit of these traditions in a beautiful, modern design that is welcoming to all.

Robes, sandals, lockers, and showers are provided, just bring a swimsuit!

Book an appointment with one of our Licensed Massage Therapists,  invite a friend, and come enjoy the baths.

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