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Love Stropnicky LMT9060 &  Sunbeam Stropnicky LMT9061

We have always loved being able to help  others and know first hand the benefit of massage. Our career in massage started  while we were taking care of our father in the hospital and saw people hurting all around us. We knew we needed to try and help others. We both took a leap of faith and left the corporate world on a venture to help improve other's lives. We graduated with Honors from the Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute.  

Through this vision we started Love's healing Touch Day Spa. We take pride in offering more than the average spa. Our service menu provides a wide variety of massage modalities aimed at treating your individual needs. Each type of treatment we offer has its own unique health benefits provi
ding everything from relaxation to pain relief.

Our Staff all share in this passion and a have minimum of five yrs service providing great care and expert knowledge in their trade.

Our Mission Statement:
Never underestimate the healing power of human touch and loving individuals by treating them with courtesy, compassion, and respect. 

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